Mighty oaks from little acorns grow...

Here are 3 of the boys that dance at my school. I am so proud of them. These boys are pictured during their ballet and contemporary class. Danceworks is proud to be made up of 20% boys, enjoying all the dance genres on offer.

So, what are the benefits of ballet for these boys? Well I think the physical benefits are obvious: strength, discipline, co-ordination, posture and concentration… Ballet is such a wonderful athletic art form. Also, for boys who take part in team sports it is highly beneficial; it helps to develop and improve skills such as muscular strength, balance, speed and agility along with flexibility and mental focus.

If these boys look for them, they will find there are plenty of strong male role models in the ballet world that they can look to. Take Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake for a start, with its aggressive, menacing male swan ensemble. Look at Carlos Acosta’s agility and athleticism. Sergei Polunin, ballet’s brilliant bad boy! Let’s also look at footballers: Ryan Giggs, he worked with a ballet teacher on a stretching and muscle-strengthening exercise programme to sort out his hamstring problems.

Another footballer, Rio Ferdinand says that his childhood ballet lessons gave him balance and a sense of timing – he took four classes a week for four years, and won a scholarship to the Central School of Ballet when he was 11.

So, boys where will your adventures in ballet take you?

Watch this space…

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