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Sunday for me, was a day of re-learning and inspiration. A ballet teacher training day provided by the NATD, given by Dincer Solomon, encouraging participation and a 'back to basics' explanation of many different areas of ballet.

Dincer Solomon studied at the Royal Ballet School, he went on to dance with the London City Ballet and English National Ballet. He now teaches at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and a wonderful teaching manner. For his workshop, he managed to go right back to basics and cover so many aspects of teaching ballet. His explanations and technical tips were engaging and cemented the knowledge I gained from my teacher, Miss Wynne Porter of Stafford School of Dance, who first inspired me to teach dance.

I have now been a qualified ballet teacher for almost 25 years and I can honestly say there is always something new to learn; how important it is to keep your knowledge 'well-polished' to be able to pass on, and keep your passion alive.

I came away from this Ballet Teacher Training Day feeling nourished and enthusiastic to share all I had absorbed, and eager to share this photo with my boy ballet dancers, to inspire and encourage them with their love of ballet. Who knows what they can achieve?

A wonderful day!

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